Specialised translation

Over the years I have undertaken an array of projects, helping me build an expertise and specialisation in different areas. The latest projects have been focused on the localisation of video games, but other projects have taken me to completely different places as it was the case when localising other websites aimed at leisure and tourist sectors, as well as other corporative assignments or the world of mechanical automatisms. Each translation project is an exciting ride that takes us, translators, to gain a little bit more of expertise. In my case, new technologies are my passion as well as their application throughout different areas.

I’m eager to start any new project you might have in mind for I’m a skilled translator and I have the know-how to achieve the great results you are looking for. I’m a professional and that also means that I will let you know when something is not possible, and I will point you to the right direction so that you can get the quality you are looking for.